Mar 2023

The main template file, sample models and content collections have now been upgraded to Revit 2022 in anticipation for the likely April release of Revit 2024.

  • All content upgraded to Revit 2022

  • Legacy 2020 files added to all courses for record

  • Revit residential template upgrade/V2 still under development

Jan/Feb 2023

Implementing some client feedback and releasing v2 of our template. The next update will involve implementing Revit 2022 as our lowest supported version for future updates.

  • Revit template v2.00 (major)

  • Revit casework v2.01 (major)

  • Revit accessible WC v2.02 (minor)

  • Revit appliances v2.01 (minor)

  • Revit furniture v1.01 (minor)

  • Revit parking v2.01 (minor)

Jul/Aug 2022

Major overhauls of the door/window collections, three new products and minor system updates to some collections.

  • Revit detail components v1.00 (new)

  • Revit furniture v1.00 (new)

  • Revit healthcare project v1.00 (new)

  • Revit windows v2.00 (major)

  • Revit doors v2.01 (minor)

  • Revit services v2.02 (minor)

  • Revit casework v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit keynotes v3.01 (minor)

  • Revit shared parameters v3.01 (minor)

Oct 2021

Major overhauls of the door collection and accessible WC, and the rollout of some new systems such as uppercase fields and cost/takeoff system parameters.

  • Revit doors v2.00 (major)

  • Revit accessible toilet v2.00 (major)

  • Revit amenities v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit appliances v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit fixtures v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit plumbing v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit services v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit structure v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit workstations v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit keynotes/parameters v2.01 (minor)

Jul/Aug 2021

The new release of a residential template and advanced Revit model set, as well as an overhaul of the services collection and supporting files (keynotes/parameters)

  • Residential template v1.00 (new)

  • Advanced Revit project v1.00 (new)

  • Revit services v2.00 (major)

  • Revit keynotes v2.00 (minor)

  • Revit shared parameters v2.00 (minor)

Mar/Apr 2021

The platform was created and content migrated over from our original store setup on Wix. Courses now include support videos and structured lessons/pages.

  • Platform created

  • Content moved from Wix

  • Content reset to v1.00 (new)