About the platform

Frequently asked questions

  • Who are the courses/content intended for?

    The courses and content on our platform are best suited to students and architects looking to get more out of their software and develop new skills. Be sure to read the descriptions at the beginning of each lesson to get a better idea of what the courses will cover.

  • What payment options do you offer?

    Our platform is offered on the Thinkific engine, which typically requires credit or debit card payment upon checkout. Our courses are typically made available perpetually via a one time payment.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Because our content is digitally provided as soon as purchase is made, we cannot offer a refund unless exceptional circumstances apply. Read the content and course overviews carefully before deciding if you wish to make a purchase.

  • Do you partner with other platforms?

    Currently, we are keeping our focus on this platform so as to enable it to grow. We have one instructor/manager so it is difficult for us to focus our efforts on collaboration with other platforms. In future, we may explore this avenue further but for now we do not plan to share or make our course available to larger platforms.

  • How does this differ from Aussie BIM Guru?

    Whilst we produce similar content at our YouTube channel on a regular basis, it is unstructured and does not get updated over time. This platform was created so we could develop and distribute well structured learning content that is easier to follow than our YouTube format. Expect up to date, polished and structured content in all of our courses.

About the platform manager

Frequently asked questions

  • Who manages the platform?

    The BIM Guru brand, consultancy and education platform are managed by Gavin Crump. Gavin has worked in the Australian AEC industry at various levels of BIM management in prominent architectural firms such as Architectus, HDR and Woods Bagot. He launched his own consulting firm in 2020 and produces educational content on YouTube as the Aussie BIM Guru.

  • Are they qualified to teach me?

    Gavin is recognized across the industry as a thought leader and expert in BIM, with particular expertise in using and applying Revit and Dynamo. He has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture and over 10 years of professional experience in BIM and architecture.

  • How can I contact them?

    We have a support community on the platform, for supporting customers who have purchased any products. From here we can answer your queries and assist you in content/course related challenges you may face.

  • Where is the platform manager from?

    Gavin lives and works in Adelaide, Australia as a BIM Consultant and at Architectus. He worked in Sydney for 8 years before returning to his home town in 2022.

About our Revit content

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is the content for?

    All of our Revit content is built for architectural Revit users, and is intended to suit small to large scale businesses. We employ complex and comprehensive systems that suit a variety of business types and scales.

  • Can I use the content on actual projects?

    We attach our detailed terms of use to the front of each of our products on the platform, however simply put the answer is yes - within reason. If you wish to use our Revit content in your office on projects, even if you need to exchange models with consultants that is fine. You may however not resell the products as are or in a modified format as your own product to the public or consulted clients. Should you do this, and issues arise as such we take no responsibility or liability for whatever outcome may result from this.

  • What version(s) do you support?

    Our content is originally built and maintained in Revit 2020. During 2023 we migrated to Revit 2022 as our active version, leaving our legacy 2020 content on the platform as record only.

  • Do you rebrand the content as a service?

    No, we sell our content as is and do not offer rebranding. We place the BG_ prefix on a majority of systems and elements in our standard in order to maintain and release updates to our content without disadvantaging our customers who may have requested rebranding. We do not want to release more than 1 system into the market via our work, and that is the BG_ one. You may attempt to rebrand our content at your own discretion and risk.

  • Do you produce Imperial content?

    At the present time we only offer templates and content that works in a Metric environment. Some features and formulae we use in our content and not compatible with an Imperial setup as is, and would need reworking to suit this. Our sizes and dimension styles are all set up to a typical metric setup.

  • How often is the content updated?

    Most of our content is currently sitting at Version 2, and we intend to release updates over time as they become required. Whilst you are welcome to request new content be added, we work on this at our own discretion.

  • Can I get a discount?

    At this time, a discount program is not anticipated. Our content is intended for people to use on projects with commercial value attached to them, and is far more affordable than our competitors for the quality it sits at.

  • What language(s) do you produce content in?

    All our content is built in English/metric, however we offer subtitles in 8 languages for our education courses: English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Usually there is a 1-2 week delay on subtitle addition upon course release as we undertake this process manually.

  • What BIM standards does your content meet?

    Whilst much of our content is proprietary in nature, we do support some open and common standards in the industry. All of our content contains Uniclass 2015 codes in the Assembly Code/Description field (Pr/Ss as suitable). We also include the IfcExportAs/Type fields where suitable as a type parameter in order to assist class mapping to IFC format, although we do not currently support complete IFC data mapping.

About the course content

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I can't access the software?

    All major software vendors typically offer a 30 day trial for their major platforms, and we suggest using this in tandem with our monthly course window. We do not offer subsidized or free access (e.g. student versions) at the present date. If the software vendors are open to this model of collaboration we will be sure to make this known however.

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Once you have completed the course, let us know via [email protected] and we can provide a customized certificate for you.

  • Can I download the videos?

    To prevent piracy of our content to competitor and public domain platforms, we have prevented the downloading of videos and copying of text from our platforms. We do not plan on making this feature available in future.

  • What support is offered to students?

    The platform has a student community where posts can be made with queries or feedback, visible and accessible to all enrolled students. We will endeavour to reply to you in a timely manner and address your queries/concerns as well as we can.

  • Do you offer 1 on 1 sessions?

    We offer 1 hour mentoring sessions via our consulting business BIM Guru. Please contact us via our website in order to enquire about our availability and the cost for such a service if you are interested.

  • Can I get a discount?

    At this time, a discount program is not anticipated.

  • What language(s) do you teach in? Any subtitles?

    When we first release our courses they typically will not have subtitles and are in spoken English. Over time, we will strive to include subtitles in the following languages to our courses (typically across the month they are released): English, Chinese (simplified), German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish. We use automatic speech to text, so they might be a bit off from time to time!

  • Can I share my login?

    Thinkific does not restrict logins to a single IP address in order to enable you to learn from many devices via your account. We do however strictly forbid the sharing of accounts, and if we suspect your account is being used by multiple students we reserve the right to suspend and/or remove access to our content from it.