Course schedule

Information on upcoming courses for the platform, as well as anticipated changes to the platform in general. The schedule may change from time to time, depending on our commitments elsewhere but our goal is to output a course every 2 months on average.

  • November 2021: Dynamo for Revit (course)

  • November 2021: Student community becomes available.

  • Revit family creation (course)

  • Rhino Inside Revit (course)

  • All courses subscription model enabled

  • Dynamo for model managers (course)

  • Grasshopper for feasibility (course)

  • Revit model management (course)

  • Additional course content to be determined...

Content schedule

Information on upcoming Revit content updates for the platform. The schedule is likely to change from time to time depending on our concurrent commitments, but the list intends to show the order in which we are focusing our updates at the very least.

  • New: Residential template

  • Update: Minor content collections v2

  • Update: Doors collection v2

  • Update: Windows collection v2

  • Update: Casework collection v2

  • Update: Revit template v2

  • Update: Advanced model support

  • New: Furniture collection v1

  • New: Detail components collection v1

  • Additional content updates to be determined...